Horizon Zero Dawn’s ultra-hard mode more closely approximates what it would be like to live on the bottom of the food chain

Everyone knows Horizon Zero Dawn. This action RPG was a massive hit among gamers and won numerous awards while selling over 10 million copies by February 2019, making it one of the best-selling PlayStation 4 games of all time. For many, it was an opportunity to experience some of the best storytelling narratives so far. Personally, HZD is one of my favorite PlayStation games.

Never before have I felt so immersed and connected to a fictional world. I felt deeply attached to Aloy and mirrored her passion for uncovering the truth.

I love the environment in which Horizon Zero Dawn…


Bidirectional scrolling allows a user to scroll both vertically and horizontally when using an interface. We see this technique used in many content-heavy apps and websites. It works best when an interface needs to be divided into several categories while also needing to tease what each category has to offer.

Streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, and many more have incorporated bidirectional scrolling into their design. In this article, I’ll be diving into why I feel bidirectional scrolling works for Prime and Netflix while falls slightly short for Hotstar.

Bidirectional scrolling offers a lot of advantages. It…

A few examples of Apps using Search as icons and bars

We’ve all seen and used the search icon or bar many times. It’s an integral part of most web and app designs and it’s functionality mimics the essence of a shortcut: It allows us to reach our destination quicker. In most cases, we know what to expect when we take a shortcut, we know why we’re using it, we know where we’ll end up. Due to a search icon or bar’s commonality, the importance of it’s context is greatly desensitized resulting in a slightly irritating experience.

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Art, Design, Music and all things nature. I'm a little crazy. But I'm sure I could influence you too.

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